The world is f-cking bullsh-t right now. It’s been a horrifying week. It was a terrifying night. It’s too scary to look ahead. So if you need a break from being afraid, here’s Prince Harry today in Bath at the UK team trials for the Invictus Games, cheering on athletes who hope to compete in Toronto in September.

As you know, Harry has been the face of the Invictus Games, the event’s most passionate, most visible supporter. In his role as official ambassador, Harry has travelled all over England and North America, crusading for the dignity of wounded servicewomen and men, proudly playing the role of Biggest Fan, probably giving out more high-fives and hugs than anyone else in his family.

Here he is, high-fiving, hugging, and boxing little Harry Phillips whose dad, Dan, was injured in Afghanistan. Little Harry won the fight. Big Harry also spent time with Jon Flint and his dog, Jester, the black lab. Looks like Harry wanted a kiss. And Jester is a withholder. I know a withholding dog. His name is Barney and he lives at my house. 

OBVIOUS SEGUE ALERT: I have two dogs. So does Meghan Markle. They are based in Toronto. A few of my friends saw her in town yesterday, she’s back to shoot Suits. Easter is next week. And the Queen’s birthday is the week after. So I’m guessing that if Harry comes to Toronto to visit her, it won’t be until after that. End of April, maybe?