Let Harry be with the children

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Prince Harry stepped out in public for the first time since his Vegas adventures a couple of weeks ago - at the WellChild Awards last night in London and at the Paralympics today (more on this later) but not before the UK tabloids printed an interview with a woman, Carrie Reichart, who claims she was one of the people randomly selected to go up to his suite.

I can’t be bothered to summarise the account of a party girl. You can read about it here. These are the key points: Harry was running around naked and made out with more than one girl, including Carrie herself, who says they bonded over being British and that they made out for 15 minutes but that she didn’t f-ck him. According to Carrie the prince was wasted (obviously) and at one point he supposedly pressed himself up against the glass window and shouted something to the effect of “look at the royal jewels!”

Ok, for real?

He calls his own junk the “royal jewels”?

What does his grandfather call it? Check out these hilarious photos of the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles at the Braemar Games the other day in Scotland. First of all, I love seeing old granny laughing! Look at her! It’s almost a giggle! Anyway, as you can see, the Duke of Edinburgh is wearing a kilt. And nothing underneath. And, well, he forgot that there are photographers at every angle. Gossip Cop spotted it first and I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy the picture and zoom in there to see (in the low resolution shot, Jacek says there’s something “shining” between his legs) but, um, that’s little bit offside, isn’t it?

As for whether or not Carrie’s story checks out - the Palace has already dismissed it and God I wish she didn’t go to a bullsh-t, highly unreliable British outlet with her account and now, hilariously, her ex-husband has stepped forward telling Celebuzz that she’s an opportunist who did it for the money and by the way, she’s not 32, she’s actually 40. So... pretty much your standard Vegas experience.

But they’re sending him back out now showing his best face. Who can resist Harry with the children!? And the athletes? And his sad face. And his happy face. And his flirty face. And...his bicep...?

See this is what happens. The scamp f-cks up and then the scamp somehow charms his way back. You know, the only person it stopped working on was Chelsy Davy.

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