Prince Harry participated in a charity football game today at Sandringham where the Queen and the royal family gather for Christmas every year. He’s animated and sweaty and flushed and contorts his body in various positions and…well…

Happy Christmas!

It’s a gift from him to us.

Also note: Harry was playing with James Middleton, Princess Catherine’s brother. And they look like they get on rather well. Will and Kate are reportedly spending Christmas Anmer Hall this year. Anmer Hall is close to Sandringham and was a gift from the Queen to the Cambridges when they got married. Apparently the Middletons are there with them now. And supposedly that’s where they’ll hang out when Will, Kate, and Big G head over to the Queen’s for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. I understand this on Kate’s part. You always feel more comfortable with your own parents and siblings than with the in-laws. Your own parents don’t make faces when you want to sleep in until 2pm.