I have a hard time telling Prince William apart from his uncle, Prince Edward, these days. Hot Harry, on the other hand, well you just can’t miss him. He’s particularly animated in this set of pictures which is why there are more of him and less of his brother.

Will and Harry were at Tedworth House today in Southern England visiting with injured service personnel. Harry, as you can see, is blowing out with his mouth and juggling balls. I will wait patiently for Michael K from DListed to work his magic with those.

Let’s focus instead on these hilarious shots of Harry with his thumbs out like Elaine’s spazzy dancing on Seinfeld. And him pretending like he’s punching the baby. This is both Harry’s best quality and his worst. His freestyling makes him endearing. His freestyling can also get him into trouble. So again...

When the baby comes, you know, That Baby, will he be allowed any influence over it? If the Heir goes out with Uncle Harry that day, will they fret when he’s 15 minutes late? I suppose it’s not unlike other families with a wild uncle. You took him where?! You did what?!?