Prince Harry was at the London Marathon yesterday supporting the athletes. He took his time speaking to participants, encouraging their efforts, expressing his admiration for what they’ve accomplished. And when they asked him whether or not he or his family members would run the marathon one day, as usual he joked about his brother William, saying that he’s now too old to race. And everyone laughed and blushed and probably squealed when he walked away because that’s just the effect the royal ginger scamp has on the people, as imperfect as he is.

We were also updated on Hot Harry’s love life this weekend courtesy The Telegraph (which is considered to be several levels above the Daily Mail and the UK Sun etc) about how Harry is already talking marriage with Cressida Bonas and it’s freaking her out.

“Cressida has been in floods of tears,” claims one of her friends. “Harry is coming on very strong, but she is all over the place. She thinks she is far too young to get married and is scared by all his talk of marriage and settling down.”

Before you blow it off as bullsh-t however, consider that Harry’s last serious girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, wasn’t interested either. Chelsy was never like Kate Middleton. Chelsy never pushed for a title. Chelsy, in fact, did not want that life. More specifically, she didn’t want the scrutiny and the responsibility. It’s why Harry is always talking about how hard it is to find someone who’s willing to “take it all on”...

As the rest of you are like, as IF, who wouldn’t want to be a princess?!

The kinds of girls Harry dates don’t want to be princesses.

They’re already extremely, sometimes obscenely, wealthy. They’re already connected. They’re obviously privileged. They were bred, as they do in those circles (which is not the same circle as the Middletons, ahem), to value privacy. And they LOVE to party. Becoming a royal consort wouldn’t add anything to their lives that they don’t already have. In fact, becoming a royal consort would probably TAKE AWAY from the awesome lives they already lead. The partying, for example, would certainly be jeopardised.

The point is that Harry’s taste is too high class.

If he were to mine closer to the middle, for instance, like his brother, he might have a better chance.