While his brother was bringing holiday cheer to homeless youth yesterday, Prince Harry hit up the club, seen leaving the Arts Club in Mayfair after a night out with, among others, David Beckham, newly arrived from Los Angeles.

What is it about a young aristocrat and an open collar? Or, rather, this particular young royal and his open collar? I’m really into it.

You know what I love about London? One of many things I keep repeating is that almost everyone will cab. Even the Princes. Even the Beckhams - yes, Victoria too, click here to see. And Gwyneth. And Kate Moss. And Paul McCartney. Like, pretty much everyone but the Queen.

In Los Angeles, cabbing feels low classy. One time we pulled up to Chateau Marmont for a dinner reservation in a cab and the valet person actually sneered at us. I will never understand the Hollywood cab shame. If the English can do it, who the f-ck are you?