Busy day for Prince Harry today.

First he played rugby so he was in his sweats. What do you think of Hot Harry in sweatpants? You know, when some men wear sweatpants they get…floppy. A member of the royal family can’t afford to flop around on an official appearance, can he? What kind of support undergarments do you think were arranged for Hot Harry today?

After that, Harry put on a lab coat, personalised for a prince. Come on. If I had my own lab coat, I’d get GOSSIP stitched across the back. Are you feeling Nerd Harry? This is a good test. Like, is Hot Harry Hot Harry only because he’s PRINCE Harry? Would you be into it if he was just Harry Johnson, a lab technician for shockwaves?

Finally, Harry put on what was likely his least favourite outfit of the day – in a suit for the British Legion. The suit was under the lab coat, yes. But in my world, that’s a costume change. Kinda boring in comparison to the other two, right?

There was a rumour earlier this week that Harry, while training for Walking With The Wounded in Iceland, might propose to Cressie B under the Northern Lights. I can’t imagine him being that romantic. Harry seems like he’d do it over a Guinness. In all the ways that he would do it.