With only six days to go, the Concert for Diana has received very little play … so far. Now suddenly, the Heir is reportedly back with Kate Middleton and therefore back on the front page. And the event goes down on Sunday.

Coincidence… or conspiracy?

Apparently the two were making out a party last week, openly on a dance floor and retreating later on to his room. Kate is also expected to join him his private box at the concert next week – a public acknowledgement for her role in helping to plan the gala.

UK gossips are buzzing that right now he’s more into it than she is – the way she handled herself post split, the way she did not pine over the finale of their relationship… like clockwork, she pulled away and he came back calling. Textbook, non?

But while he’s all over it, she’s said to be hesitant, knowing that going a step further will likely lead to an engagement. Of course there are those who are insistent that he in truth is nowhere near a commitment, some cynics even expressing newfound admiration for William on the heels of this latest attention-grabbing headline. That William is indeed his mother’s son.

But enough of Beaver Bucks and his boring existence. Let’s instead to the hot spare on a horse and the more pressing question: after getting a taste of Canadian cheap at Cowboys in Calgary, how is Harry going smooth things over with Chelsy? She, in retaliation, has been spotted flirting up a storm of late, photographed kissing boys at the bar, only on the cheek of course, but much in the same way Harry was captured two weeks before… and said photos were also released to the British tabs. In other words, a very public f&ck you.

Will she be at his side on Sunday? Stay tuned, can’t wait.

A Concert for Diana will be broadcast live on July 1st on CTV in Canada, NBC in America.