There has been a lot of noise lately about the Cambridges – how little they work in comparison to their old grandparents, what exactly Will’s commitment is to his day job flying air ambulances, Will’s approach to the media, and how much access he’s agreed to or not agreed to when it comes to the public and his family. Click here for a recent piece in the Daily Mail about Will’s relationship with his advisors and whether or not he’s surrounded by “yes” people.

Those who would defend Will and Kate posit that Will’s perceived reluctance to “play nice” originates from his experience with his mother, and what happened to her. And a desire to protect Kate from the same struggles. I wonder too if Harry’s a part of that as well. Chelsy Davy didn’t want that life; Harry has spoken several times about the expectations of that life, and how it can be a barrier to finding a suitable partner. If, however, that life is being redefined, as we may be seeing in Kate’s example, the responsibilities modified, the pressures adjusted, would that make a difference, not only for Will and Kate but for Harry?

The #1 goal here for the Family is that Will and Kate stay married. And that might be the card he’s playing with the Queen. Gran, in order for my marriage to stay strong so that I may one day lead our family as a whole unit, these are the conditions that need to be met. If Gran agrees to the lifestyle they’ve redesigned for themselves, it’s that much easier for Harry to do the same. Sounds good to me…but that’s probably easier for me to say because my tax dollars don’t support their lifestyle.

Here they are, Will, Kate, and Harry, with the Queen and Prince Philip today attending the Commonwealth Observance Day service. Kate’s wearing a brand new coat and hat, perhaps trying to give us something else to talk about. Why don’t hats get taken off in church?