President and Mrs Obama are dining tonight at Kensington Palace with the Cambridges and Hot Harry. In other words, two borings and a fun. Is that why the President is standing next to Prince Harry? Because between them and FLOTUS they have to carry the charisma at the table? The thing about a Friday night dinner party is that, well, for non-dignitaries, you have the option of the extra drink(s). And staying up. Staying late. Will and Kate? I feel like they’re the couple that starts yawning and wanting to tap out at 10pm. Harry will have to have the Obamas over to his wing of the Palace for a night cap.

That said, what is wrong with his pants today? They look like sh-t from the front.

By the way, before hanging out with the young royals, the Obamas hooked up with the Queen and Prince Philip at Windsor for lunch. The Obamas landed by helicopter. Then they got into car, with Prince Philip driving, and headed over to the castle so that the four of them could have a private moment without handlers. The President, as you’d expect, typically doesn’t ride shotgun. But the Queen doesn’t either. And her protection agents had to tell the President that she would be in the back and that he was assigned to sit up front. Apparently it was an amusing moment. Click here to watch. Look how awkward it is for the President who clearly wants to help the Queen out of the car but I guess you’re not supposed to do that? When they get inside she firmly tells him where to stand – beside her – for the photos. I’m obsessed with all of this. And whether or not old Philip couldn’t help himself and cussed or made a pervy joke when they were all alone.