There was a LOT of squee yesterday over those shots of Prince William and his Catherine hugging each other excitedly at the velodrome. More on that in a minute.

The three of them, Will, Kate, and Harry too, they’ve been busy through the Games, out almost every day. Harry was particularly active on Thursday stopping in at Canada House, hosting a reception for School Games athletes (where he had to wear the dreaded dinner jacket), and of course, with his brother and sister-in-law cheering on Team GB and Sir Chris Hoy.

Why do I love that picture of him hopping the seat before shaking hands with David Cameron? Look at him with his iPhone maybe posting pictures to an anonymous Instagram account. I feel like Harry might be sadder than all of us when these Games are over. He’s really thriving.

And his brother and sister-in-law are on fire.

Here are more shots of them behaving candidly and adorably during the men’s team sprint. Look - she has her hand on his thigh again. For some reason I’m really into him checking out her accreditation photo. How about her arm around his neck and on his back? How about how spontaneous they’ve been the last few days, almost as though they were back at St Andrews again? Kate in particular, as noted yesterday, has been so free and light and ...happy. Royal Olympic Fever is almost like wedding time all over.