The Cambridges and Prince Harry visited the Charities Forum at BAFTA today. Busy day for the royals. They’re also expected at the Bond premiere tonight. Part of today’s event involved Kate getting animated in front of a green screen. She’s acting!

Kensington Palace posted a series of videos on Twitter. Check out this one of the Princess tiptoeing into the scene and then back out. It’s really cute. I’ve included the before and after:


After that, the princes participated in some Welly Wanging. I wish that meant what I hoped it would mean. But it’s literally throwing a welly. And, surprisingly, Will is better at it than Harry.

I bet you Harry could out-wang Will the way I play wanging wellies.

The point is, it was a playful, adorable day. Oh and here’s a Harry bonus. He was at rugby on the weekend.