Will hugs Katy’s “gringe”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 28, 2015 15:35:31 September 28, 2015 15:35:31

My friend Lorella, who lives in England, texted me this morning:

They’re calling Kate’s hair a “gringe”. Grown out fringe. I think that’s worse than the actual haircut.

Would you avoid a haircut because the actual name of the haircut sucks? “Gringe” is a terrible word. But then again, mom bangs is a terrible haircut.

Anyway, Kate took her mom bangs out to the Rugby World Cup on Saturday to watch England vs Wales with Will and Hot Harry who hasn’t yet been ordered by granny, who hates beards, to shave. Back to the beard in a minute. The Cambridges seemed very close, with Will putting his arm around Kate at one point and leaning in close to hear her.

As for Harry, he was animated and fist-pumpy during the match, standing up and cheering, shouting, generally being adorable. Today Harry visited with students at the Duke of York’s Military School in Dover wearing official uniform at an official event…and still the beard. It’s been widely reported that the Queen hates facial hair and that staff members are required to be clean-shaven at all times. Needless to say, Harry must be the exception. Because like all favourite grandsons, he probably butters her up. She rolls her eyes at him and tuts and he comes over and, I dunno, tickles her?

WPA Pool/ Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

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