Prince William and Hot Harry were at a stag the other night for their friend, yet another friend with a stick-up-his-ass name: Thomas Van Straubenzee. Every letter drips money and stolen diamonds. Here’s a great graphic of the princes’ fancy friends, if you’re curious. Thomas Van Bee only gets a “3 star” posh rating. Maybe he’s only dripping with money and not diamonds. The royal brothers spent 5 hours at the club. It obviously wasn’t a dinner jacket kind of evening. I really like how these pants are hanging on Harry.

So the Wales boys have TeeVeeBee but Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy Kimmel has Guillermo! 

Over in Vancouver, Jimmy Kimmel was also celebrating his stag weekend with more than a dozen friends and Guillermo was part of the team.

They all went for lunch. And later on they enjoyed a bike ride around the sea wall. This is so cute and funny to me I think I might love Jimmy Kimmel more than ever.