Royal Ear-Pulling

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 15, 2013 16:07:32 March 15, 2013 16:07:32

Is it like finger pulling?

Don’t be a prude. You know finger pulling.

Here, pull my finger.

You’ve never pulled on someone’s finger? Or watched someone get their finger pulled?

Look, I don’t like to be farted around. But I do enjoy a fart joke. I’m sure that ginger scamp Hot Harry on a Horse enjoys fart jokes too.   

His brother too, but he’d be able to hold it together better. Here’s his brother, Prince William, and his wife, Princess Catherine, at the Cheltenham Festival today. As you can see, Will is getting his ear pulled by a friend. I don’t know this friend. He likely has at least 4 names and is very, very wealthy and may be descended from a line of marrying cousins. This is all the information you need. This is why he’s allowed to not only be so close to the future King and Queen of England but to lean over and pull on his hear, much to the delight of Katy Cambridge who can’t hold in her amusement.

Big, BIG smiles from the two of them today as they seem to be more relaxed than they’ve been in a while. Needless to say, after a rough first trimester, Mrs C is feeling a lot better. Baby Grape is being a lot less dramatic.

As for her sister -- Pippa was at the festival yesterday in a horrid yellow coat, dressed like sh-t per usual, flirting with a rich dude.

James Whatling/ Splash, Danny Martindale/ Getty

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