If you missed it, the link to the Prince William/Kate Middleton interview is below. Not sure how long it’ll stay there so watch as soon as you can. Of course I was glued to BBC Online at 11am PT. And this is why I love the British. That was a PERSONAL interview. You can’t do that kind of interview with major movie stars. Their publicists would throw you out the door. That dude straight up asked her about the presumption that she sits around eating bon bons all day! It’s literally like asking Jessica Biel what she does all day when Justin goes to work making movies.

He also kept going at William about dating for so long without making it official. William seemed juuuuuust a little defensive, non? And he asked about their breakup too.

My favourite part is when she admitted that she was really upset about the split. It’s a lot more candour than I was expecting, frankly, and she was adorable how petrified she seemed. Poised, yes, but noticeably nervous. Kate struck the perfect tone. And when she spoke about his mother...

Sigh. It’s a good answer.

Sorry. I’ve been able to focus on nothing else all day. But also a part of me wants to say f-ck you to the next movie star who won’t answer this or that and no no no no no no boo.

If Prince William will go there, you can shut your ass and answer the goddamn question.

Click here to watch.

Photo from Splashnewsonline.com