Prince William and Catherine were at Royal Ascot today. It’s been a busy few days for the Cambridges – Trooping The Colour, the Garter Day service, then a quick trip to Northern Ireland, the people are getting their fill of “work-shy” Will and “lazy” Katy. To be fair, again, I wonder if the media makes a bigger deal about it than the Queen actually cares to. For the Queen, what she wanted from them was children and stability. Give me babies and stay married, those are the two priorities – which they have quite adequately met. The public, however, started bitching. And so this is definitely more from the public than it is for granny. I’m not sure granny gives a sh-t.

This is actually the first time in all the time she’s been part of the family that Kate’s been at Royal Ascot. Her summers the last few years have been dominated by childbearing and child caring. She’s wearing white Dolce & Gabbana, a recycle from a few weeks ago only that time she covered the dress with a coat. I like it a lot but God if she could just be a little more imaginative with her shoes. The way they blend into her hose is so unattractive.