It was such a full schedule, I can barely keep track of all their activities since I last wrote about them on Friday. Have decided then to cover the Royal Tour in Canada by Kate’s outfits. The last outfit posted was the white dress with the maple leaf red hat. After that they attended a Canada Day fireworks show and concert (in purple), they planted a tree (in grey) close to where Charles and Diana planted one many years before (and Will displayed some restrained emotion while reading the plaque), they visited with sick children at Sainte-Justine University Hospital in Montreal (still in grey), they also attended a cooking class and wore chef’s smocks, then it was off to Quebec City (in blue) where they spent time with at-risk youth, and somewhere in there they found time for a rowboat ride and a few hours of romantic quiet time on a lake. Awwwww!!!

Let’s begin at purple. The purple Issa is similar to her engagement announcement blue Issa and I hate it. Maybe it’s the way she’s wearing her hair that’s throwing me off. But remember, Kate is not yet 30. She looks very over 30 here. And on Canada Day, at night, when we’re supposed to be able to be a little looser, as even the Prince had his top button undone, I agree it’s a safe, appropriate, respectful, conservative choice, I’m just saying it’s not terribly exciting. It’s also always the same length and, for the most part, the same silhouette. I mean, I get it. She’ll be Queen one day. Better to play it on the boring side than to tempt criticism at all. I guess, when there’s so much potential, it’s hard to accept that there will rarely, if ever, be “punch yourself in the face” sartorial moments courtesy of Catherine.

The collar, front and back, on the grey shift is lovely though. As is the way, again, Prince William is not afraid of tactility when it comes to both his wife and his admirers, even if they are tattooed all over and homeless. Kate wore blue lace Erdem for that occasion in Quebec City and I have never been more in love with them both. Having worked with street youth myself for several years through Covenant House Vancouver you cannot imagine what encouragement meeting the Prince and his wife would have been for these kids. If you are cynical, you will say that these two are great at playing public relations. I won’t argue with you there. But whatever their objective, it’s hard to argue with the fact that these are young people who often feel invisible, ignored, and without value. And the most famous couple in the world hung out with them, laughed with them, shook their hands, made eye contact with them – this would have meant something. So while you may discount the motivation, it would be more difficult to take away from the effect, intended or otherwise.

Will and Kate arrived in PEI late yesterday. Several of my colleagues spent several minutes talking to them both at a reception last night. They said they were both exceptionally gracious, and that Kate is friendly and open and graceful and “outgoing”, and talked to reporters comfortably about her wedding dress and the convertible coming out of Buckingham Palace and about having flashbulbs in her face all the time. But yes... she is THIN. Very, very, very skinny. Strangely enough though, not in a scary way. One of my photographer contacts remarked, “She doesn’t look like she going to die or anything, but she could stand to eat for sure.”

I’m not going to worry about her yet. I will worry when her schedule is more relaxed and she’s not planning a wedding and her first international tour and keeping up with the scrutiny of being the new Princess. There’s usually a year-long pass for these things, non? Or, in your mind, do we start worry-bitching about it immediately?

By the way, Will and Kate are at yet another appearance in Charlottetown, PEI as of this writing and she’s wearing a sailor dress, so far my favourite. Those photos have yet to hit the agencies (it’s 10am ET) but I’ll post them later when they’re available. Kate was especially looking forward to this visit of course because she is a great fan of Anne of Green Gables. Anne Shirley!

As for whether or not there’s time on this tour across Canada to make a baby, Kate’s been especially cute with the babies, and has apparently told several people that she “hopes” to become a mother soon. She and Will did manage to sneak in some alone time on Friday for four hours as Will rowed his wife, he calls her “my wife” a lot, across Lake Harrington to a private cabin that belongs to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

You may think it’s a private matter but when it comes to the future king of England having a future king himself, is it a matter of public interest?

Photos from and and Macpherson/Gillis/ and Pool/Chris Jackson/