The Royal Tour in Canada, and Pippa in France

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Prince William and Catherine are coming to Canada. It’s to be their first tour as a married couple. You know that famous shot of Diana hugging her boys, after not seeing them for a few days, she ran to them on that boat and embraced them enthusiastically?

Photo here
. Video is below. Um, sorry about the cheesy music.

Not many people bothered to mention that Charles also warmly greeted his sons. He was also very affectionate with them. Anyway… a discussion for another time. My point? That also happened in Canada.

Today the Royal Tour schedule was announced. Not specific venues, but we do now know the cities:

June 30 – July 2: Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec)
July 2: Montreal
July 3: Quebec City
July 3 – 4: Charlottetown, PEI
July 4: Summerside, PEI
July 4 – 6: Yellowknife, NWT
July 6 – 8: Calgary, AB

They’re going to Stampede!

And Kate is apparently big on Anne of Green Gables – good taste – and wants to see the house.

It’s expected she’ll have more than 40 outfit changes. Naturally a trip like this requires an entourage. Supposedly they’re trying to keep their personnel accessories to what’s absolutely necessary. So…

Is Pippa coming?

Pippa is getting photographed daily. She knows it. She’s into it. She’s shopping for it. And today she turned up at Roland Garros for the French Open and was treated like someone with a title. Please. That girl canNOT hide her enjoyment of all this. I mean, if I’m her, and those are my ambitions, I’m holding out a little before getting engaged to the boyfriend. There is a world of possibility out there.

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