President Obama and his wife Michelle are touring the UK. They cruised by Buckingham Palace today for a visit with newlyweds William and Kate, just returned from a 10 day honeymoon in the Seychelles where, amazingly, no one was able to get a photograph. Well done.

“The Duchess”, as you can see – which sounds old and crusty so let’s stick with Princess, shall we? – was understated in a nude dress that retails at just over US$200 from Reiss. Reiss! When is Reiss coming to Canada??!!!??? Click here for more on Kate’s Reiss.

Anyway, how much do you love that in these photos, the boys talk to the boys and the girls talk to the girls and we must not mix conversations because men are serious and women are not?

Still, Catherine and Mrs Obama seem to be getting on well, no apparent awkwardness about them not coming to the wedding. As for that honeymoon - they reportedly spent three quarters of a million dollars, had a private butler the whole time, booked out the entire resort with a team of something like 30 security with them, and kept it pretty chill – translation: they were, um, alone and romantic a LOT. Us Weekly also reports that at one point, Will took Kate back to the very place where, back in 2007, he promised her he would marry her.

So a baby soon?


The Olympics are a year away. I don’t think she’d want to be pregnant during London’s Games. So he’d have to knock her up like now for her to be able to deliver well in range to lose the weight – probably 10 lbs in her case – by the time the Opening Ceremony comes around. They’re in Wales for two years. Then they move back to London. Maybe then?

As for those dumbass rumours that Hot Harry on a Horse and Chelsy are over – rubbish. A lot of people saw them together several times last week.

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