Am attaching more photos of Prince William and Catherine yesterday in PEI during their dragon boat competition. Remember when I said they were trash-talking? Well, in these photos, it’s more like he was trash-talking her. And then, as you know, at the end of it, they hugged. SO cute.

(I saw a great photo of Will in the boat shouting over at Kate in the photo agency yesterday but now I’ve just gone back to find it and it’s gone and I suspect it’s because of royal protocol – they don’t allow photos that depict them in a less than proper manner which ... f-ck, because that picture was adorable. Sorry.)

Anyway, at some point during the festivities yesterday, Will and Kate were treated to a performance. Kelly L was there and observed the following... one of my favourite anecdotes from their Canadian Tour:

“I was at the dragon boat event - they were so so cute. One of the singers accidentally said "Welcome to the Douche" - she made a gaff and was trying to say between the Duke and the Duchess I think - anyway, Will and Kate were standing right in front of the stage and they burst out laughing, and had a hard time stopping with the laughing.”


Like they can still appreciate a good fart joke?

For more on the Douche incident, click here.

Attached – several more images from Will & Kate’s day in PEI yesterday including another example of their willingness to touch each other during the beachside bbq as Kate’s poking her finger affectionately into his chest as though she’s teasing him.

William and Catherine are in Yellowknife now. Will post the images as they become available.

Photos from Chris Jackson/Samir Hussein/Pool/