So far.

When Princess Catherine got on the plane for Canada this morning from London, she was wearing a Smythe blazer, Canadian brand. When she arrived in Ottawa she wore Erdem, another Canadian designer. So far she’s pimping out the Maple Leaf. Word up.

Needless to say, Smythe is probably now already sold out of that jacket. And Erdem... almost.

I’m writing this as they’re at the War Memorial. They were greeted by our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife. Our PM has shown more personality in this hour than I’ve EVER seen. Our PM is a Will & Kate fangirl!

Kate has a lot of poise. She seems very, very comfortable. And graceful and gracious. Almost like she’s been doing this her whole life, or training for it. She’s with the crowd now, the veterans, and she’s tactile, and friendly and both of them, the Cambridges, are spending a lot of time talking and meeting and greeting Canadians who have served their country. They are now going over time during this part of the visit, stopping at length to speak to each and every one. It’s very good form. And Kate, again, seems very natural at this. By the way, royal protocol dictates that you cannot dangle a recorder or a microphone in their faces. This is why we never hear soundbites. But it would be hilarious if an 80 year old smuggled an iPhone to tape his encounter.

By the way, Will and Kate do a better “sad face” than our PM. They stayed very solemn during the two minutes before they presented their wreaths and damn, the unison with which they bowed their heads in respect, it was amazingly choreographed. You think they practise in the mirror like the Beckhams?

Photos from Chris Jackson/