Prince William was made Knight of the Thistle in Edinburgh. In Scotland then, he and his Catherine will be known as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn. She had a plaid scarf with her to mark the occasion. The Queen and Prince Philip were also there, along with Princess Anne, except today they keep calling her the Princess Royal which, obviously, is her proper style except it’s a mystery to cultural pigs like me why they seemingly arbitrarily use one and not the other and vice versa and when. That was indeed an invitation, know-it-alls. I eagerly await your emails.

Anyway, now that they’re all in Scotland, I wonder if Will and Kate will stay a week or two before the Olympics at Balmoral where Her Majesty usually spends part of her summer. To tell you the truth, this really only matters to me because it would be Lupo’s first time. And I think he would really enjoy it there. My dogs would enjoy it there. All dogs would enjoy it there. Have you ever seen footage of the Queen in her wellingtons booting around in an open jeep at Balmoral with her dogs barking around happily looking out at the land before her, miles upon miles upon miles of it, and all of it hers? Here’s a question I’ve spent part of the morning thinking about: Would you rather be invited to Balmoral or to Villa Clooney in Como?