I’m not here to regurgitate facts about the 7 godparents and how many guests and the age of the christening robes and where the water came from. You can get that everywhere else.

What we do is GOSSIP.

Let’s start with all the speculation about the new royal strategery – that the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William have decided to tier the royal family and they’ve put themselves and their spouses into an 8 person little club that’s more special than all the others. The “Magical Group of 8”, as they’ve now being called in the media, include:

Her Majesty
Prince Philip
Prince Charles
Prince William
Prince Harry
Prince George

According to some royal experts, the “8” have declared themselves the gatekeepers of the royal future and could start cutting the lesser royals off the payroll.

Others think that’s bullsh-t. It was a simple christening ceremony in keeping with the low key way Will and Kate have styled their lives and why fuss with having the entire family there and make it into such a huge deal?

Royal Gossip Buffet – you choose!

How much do you love though that Will and Kate chose, as one of their son’s godparents, their former PUBLICIST?

Anyway, Little G wore cream. His mother wore cream. His aunt Pippa wore cream. His dad wore a blue tie. His Queen wore a blue dress. Evidently cream and blue are the colours of Cambridge Tasteful. Is that why I’m feeling so underwhelmed?

An official photo of Little G with the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William will be released tomorrow to commemorate the occasion.