We’ll get back to the busy weekend in Hollywood in a minute. Right now, let’s shift focus over to the royal family. It was a busy weekend for them too.

William and Catherine Cambridge were visited the Pembroke Refinery together on Saturday where Kate showed off her growing bump. At least that’s what they’re saying. I don’t see a bump. After a week of gorging in the Dominican Republic, I’d be happy if I looked like that in a coat. Right now, I’m more pregnant than she is.

On Sunday, Kate wore black and hung out with her mother-in-law while the other senior members of the royal family participated in ceremonies for Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph at Whitehall. One day, Big G will be expected to join in. When he’s old enough and they can control him. If they’ll ever be able to control him.

It’s been months since we’ve seen how Big G has grown. But we may get a look at him in December because it’s being reported that he could be joining his parents on their visit to New York next month… what? Big G in the Big Apple?

Although the Palace has not confirmed Will’s trip to NYC, most outlets seem convinced that he’ll be in America before the end of the year and now that Kate appears to be feeling better, there’s a chance she’ll be with him, and therefore Big G too. A perfect holiday season surprise.

Speaking of surprises…