Prince William and his Catherine, who is expected to lower her head to pure bloods Beatrice and Eugenie now, were at Wimbledon today watching Roger Federer advance to the semis. He'll play Djokovic. I am still crying about Rafa's premature exit. And to a total fluke who bombed out in his next match.

As you can see, the Cambridges were dressed in their royal propers. That must be such a pain in the ass, not being able to wear casuals to a sporting event. No wonder Harry complains all the time about having to wear a dress coat.

As for the issue of royal ranking - according to a new decree, or whatever it is that they call it, signed by the Queen, Kate's spot, by marriage, is lower than that of the true-borns. She's a muggle! This means she has to pay them their respects on fancy occasions instead of the other way around even though her husband will be king one day.

Whatever. If I were her, and I suspect she feels the same, I wouldn't give a sh-t. Because she's not only the wife of the future Monarch, she'll also be birthing one. While Andrew's kids' kids become further and further removed from the throne. Booyah. Wouldn't it be great if she actually dropped one of those on her royal cousins one day? With a finger snap?