Prince William and Catherine attended the opening of a cancer centre for children today in Surrey, England. Will came straight from an all-nighter at work. Kate’s been in London; was at a wedding last weekend and then was spotted shopping at Topshop.

Check out this dress she’s wearing. It’s her usual silhouette, but the material - is that, like, a dress made out of a sweat shirt?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about, of course, whether or not Kate’s pregnant. I don’t think she’s pregnant. Like I said, I’m thinking no baby until after the Olympics. I mean, I actually think that’s an official decision. Probably written down somewhere. The Prince and Princess shall not welcome an heir until such time that the Games of the XXX Olympiad have concluded. For publicity reasons, for security reasons, for logistical reasons, for style reasons, goddamn it!

Can you imagine others having discussions and calling strategy on your womb action?