Prince William and Catherine have just departed a citizenship ceremony today, the first stop on their Canada Day itinerary. She wore a Maple Leaf broach on her left side. Apparently this was a loaner from the Queen. Can you see the maple leaves in her hat? I’m wondering if that might not be a liiiiiiiiiittle bit of overkill...?

Enough. It’s Canada Day.

If the white dress looks familiar, it’s the Reiss she wore for the engagement photos. So she has indeed recycled from her wardrobe. And will likely continuing to do so at times throughout the tour.

As for how they are together so far today – again spending a lot of time chatting the line, shaking hands, Will was seen laughing broadly on several occasions, and Kate seems to still be figuring out her time management while she’s working the situation. Will’s been doing this his whole life. It’s routine for him now.

I like the way he puts his hand on her back when they’re heading off somewhere, or when they need to move towards another photo opportunity or introduction. I like that he’s allowed to do this, to touch his wife, or if he isn’t allowed to, I like that he does it anyway.

Will post more photos later as they become available.

As for the citizenship ceremony – both my parents were immigrants to Canada, and Jacek and his family too. This is a special, special day for people who finally become full fledged members of our nation, whether or not there are royals in attendance.

Jacek and his family waited a long time, and travelled so far, and experienced so many challenges along the way, and their story is not unique. When that day comes, with the promise of opportunity and hopes for their/our’s an unforgettable milestone.

Happy Canada Day!

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