St Patrick’s Day. You’re probably drunk already, aren’t you?

That’s not how the royals do it though. Check out Prince William and his Catherine at the parade of the Irish Guards today. She presented shamrock sprigs to the officers in a green coat and matching hat. You know how I feel about a green hat. Green hats in Chinese culture are the sign of the cuckold. Green hats in Irish culture mean something totally different. Is that an exception? I tried to ask my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, about this yesterday and her only response was, “You’re not Irish”. Helpful.

But they really do make a handsome couple, non? Boring…but handsome. And going on tour soon. The Cambridges are heading to Australia and New Zealand on April 7. Little G will join them, not unlike how Will was with Charles and Diana at 9 months for his first trip Down Under. The entire visit will be 3 weeks long with a few child-free nights here and there which is why they’re also taking a “super nanny” with them. At least that’s how the British press are describing the person. You think Will and Kate’s nanny criteria are as exacting as Gwyneth Paltrow’s?