Beer Week with the Cambridges

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It’s been a week for Prince William. As you know, while other senior members of the royal family joined the Queen on Monday for Commonwealth Day service, Will was photographed on holiday with his boys, drinking beer with blonde women, and then dancing poorly at a club. The British press has been critical of Will all week, especially since they already think he’s lazy. There are reports that Kate is pissed at him because he’s embarrassed her. And then other reports about how he’s been struggling with the upcoming 20th anniversary of his mother’s passing.

Today Will and Kate were in London to start, celebrating St Patrick’s Day by honouring the Irish Guards. Kate was photographed drinking from a pint of Guiness, as the Daily Mail dickily, but hilariously, points out that she might not be enjoying her Irish beer as much as Will enjoyed his Swiss one. And then they were off to Paris, where Kate let her hair down for their first official visit to France… just as The Guardian published an extensive piece about “London Bridge”, the code term for the Queen’s funeral arrangements. Seriously.

The Queen turns 91 next month. But for years they’ve had plans in place for what will happen when she goes. There’s a committee of people who meet every few months or so to go over the protocol. I heard the last one was a couple of weeks ago and it’s not exactly a secret – most members of the media covering the royals are aware of London Bridge and how it will all roll out when it happens. But putting this article out there this week, to me at least, feels especially pointed. Because, as mentioned repeatedly in the post, the purpose of the ceremony and the spectacle that we will see at the Queen’s passing is to maintain tradition. Tradition, for some, means stability. Which is critical, right now, because there is so much instability and uncertainty. England is not what it was when the Queen became Queen. And the monarchy is not what it was when the Queen became monarch. An event like the Queen’s funeral reasserts the royal family’s significance in British identity. And a smooth and glorious succession, in their minds, represents the value of the British monarchy. Prince William’s major responsibility is to produce heirs (done), carry on the family legacy, and to contribute to its strength.

Would you say that his behaviour in the Alps contributed to the strength and stability of his family?

It’s almost like The Guardian was sending him a warning. Or a reminder. Hey Prince, your 90 year old grandmother is counting on you. That’s why she’s been hanging on so long. Get your sh-t together

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