Prince William and Catherine are in Tuvalu. The locals threw a party in their honour. They wore traditional grass skirts and danced. There is much to celebrate. First the trip is almost over which means they can go home soon and not have to be on display all day anymore. And also a judge in France has ruled in their favour and Closer Magazine will have to hand over originals of the topless photos; the photos cannot be republished in France but they’ve already been published in Italy and Ireland. Apparently now they’re hunting down the photographer who, well, it depends on whether or not he has the support of an organisation or an individual rich enough to back him. Because otherwise the Royals and their expensive legal team will keep shutting it all down. If however there’s someone willing (and wealthy) to take them on, this could all turn out to be a really interesting freedom of the press debate, for those of you who get legal boners, which is what French media law specialist Vincent Toledano told PEOPLE, that “there are freedom of press and protection of sources issues in play now”. How have they managed to keep those smoking photos off the internet?