Was it In Touch that reported 3 weeks ago that Catherine Cambridge was pregnant? And even though it was In Touch, the bullsh-ttiest of the bullsh-t, still there were many of you who were all like - and smugly too! - um, oh yeah, Lainey, she totally is.

Have a look at Kate today, with Will, in London visiting Centrepoint. Here, I'll give it to you from every angle. That, you'll note, is a belt.

I don't want to fight since we're so festive in the season but...

Do you see an heir in there?

I'm almost inclined to think her stomach is going in the OPPOSITE direction.

I wonder if this was a deliberate royal Christmas message to send us away on holiday, firm in the knowledge that 2011 was the year they married, and not the year they married AND made a baby.

We will talk about her eyeliner another time. I'm saving that for a Best/Worst discussion.