Royal visits happen on Thursdays a lot of the time - am I imagining this?

Prince William and Catherine are doubling up today - first a reception to celebrate the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole (photos attached below) and later they’ll attend an event at the Imperial War Museum. Kate is wearing Rebecca Taylor.

Remember when Harry volunteered his brother and sister-in-law to run the London Marathon the other day? Click here for a refresher. This morning Kate did confirm that she and Will are considering it.

There are, as you know, some very rigid guidelines about photographing and shooting the royals. So during a 3 and a half hour or more race, as the royal couple runs along with the masses, with sweat pouring down their faces, stains on their clothes perhaps, stopping for water and guzzling and dripping at the stations, seen in a manner that some may consider is decidedly unpresentable, how will the Palace manage this? I wonder if they’re being strongly encouraged not to.