Prince William and his Catherine went to church in Aberdeen with the Queen and Prince Charles on Sunday. Will drove himself, with Kate in the passenger seat, and Charles too. God that must be a pain in the ass that they can’t travel together. Otherwise, like most families, it’s all in one car.

As you can see, it appeared to be beret day. That looks like a beret on Princess Catherine, non? And a sort-of beret on Camilla? It’s too bad there wasn’t an opportunity for official photos. I would have liked to see this outfit.

The Cambridges are currently on holiday at Balmoral Castle. Will hung out with the PM of New Zealand, John Key. They went hunting while Kate and Key’s daughter went hiking. Then everyone met Little G. Is Little G going to be taught how to shoot, too? Likely. Or maybe that’s what he can be known for: the first king who doesn’t hunt.