Prince William and Catherine stepped out on Saturday to honour the Irish Guard at a medal parade in Windsor on Saturday. His uniform, I’m sure, is all official and proper. But as you can see, she chose to match him on the occasion in a military McQueen, so beautifully cut, so well fit, so perfectly selected; it’s making me very excited for their Canadian tour, to see her wardrobe, some of which will be recycled, (because she wants us to know she’s not extravagant that way) and to watch her every day, how she’ll be styled, how she will style herself, how she will try to be stylish and accessible at the same time.

But goddamn they cut a dashing image together, non?

Look at the proportion, the coordination, the ...choreography? And well done enough that it feels authentic too. Like the way she hitches up her shoulders when she’s amused. Check out Kate as she approaches what appears to be an adorably shy young girl in pink. The smile on Kate’s face, and the gracious way she engages her... oh but she is good, isn’t she? She is very, very good. Like, I’m not saying it’s not real. I think she’s very, very real. But I also think she’s extremely pragmatic. I think she is fully in control.

Take for example how they’re almost going out of their way to point out that Will and Kate will not have a huge entourage with them on their trip – just a small staff/entourage of six, mostly for press and protocol, and her long-time hairdresser. Given who they are, and what’s expected of them, and how quickly, this is not excessive. It is nowhere near excessive. It is, in fact, rather modest, especially compared to those twats in Hollywood. Selena Gomez employs more people than they do just to go to the mall.

All of it, of course, is in service of how Will and Kate are defining the Modern Monarchy. We want to think they’re special. But not too special. We will allow them their privilege, but not too much of it. They must be humble, approachable, relatable but they should dazzle at the same time. Hard work is important, but not in desperation. It’s a delicate balance. So far though, they’re doing a great job. It hasn’t been very long, but she is demonstrating that she’s quite an astute player.

I did an interview this weekend with La Presse ahead of the Canadian Royal Tour and the piece was about whether or not Will & Kate are Good for Gossip. We’ve been talking a LOT about Good for Gossip lately. There’s now a section devoted to it on this blog. And there has been no couple BETTER for Gossip this year than Will and Kate. The journalist told me however that she’d spoken to another male reporter earlier who called Will and Kate boring, who said that they weren’t scandalous enough, who said that they were probably Bad for Gossip.

That dude is a moron.

From her clothing to her smoking to her scheming to her spending to her weight loss to her to relationships with the Queen, Camilla, Fergie, the cousins, her own family, especially her sister, Kate has already given us a LOT to talk about.

And we haven’t even approached the Baby Issue yet.

Will & Kate arrive in Canada on Thursday, just in time for a Canadian long weekend. How many of you will line up to see them?

Today – Will and Kate are at Wimbledon for the Andy Murray match. She’s wearing sleeveless white. Will post more full body shots if and when they become available. This may be the only opportunity for the Royal Couple to attend the tournament since they’ll be abroad as it progresses. Go Rafa!

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