Yesterday in a post about Hot Harry and the Firemen - click here if you missed it - I noted that Will and Kate had yet to be seen post-riot meeting and greeting victims and emergency personnel who’d assisted during the violence. It was only a matter of hours!

Here they are in Birmingham today at the Summerfield Community Centre which was the scene of much carnage and destruction. Three men were killed in the neighbourhood while trying to protect property and other citizens from looters. Prince William and Catherine met with their families today before beginning their tour of the area.

Mrs Cambridge looks...tired. And of course they’ll be studying her very, very closely to see if she’s tired because she’s just tired, or if she’s tired because she’s throwing up in the mornings. Maybe she just needs to learn a new makeup technique? She is, if nothing else, very, very steady and consistent in all aspects of manner and appearance. I think this is a remarkable and often underrated quality: Kate is never bored. Of anything. You can appreciate how this will help her in the years to come.

Photos from Chris Jackson/