I’ve only been to Stampede once. And for 8 hours on a shoot, that’s it. One day...

So Prince William and Catherine arrived in Calgary yesterday in time for the “world’s richest rodeo” and were presented with white hats. Kate also met 6 year old Diamond Marshall. Diamond has stage 4 cancer. She’s waiting for a miracle. Her mother was taken by cancer 4 years ago. So Diamond had a wish. And it was to meet Princess Catherine.

Diamond greeted her Princess with flowers. And a hug. Which Kate gladly returned. And that was so exciting for Diamond that she had a little party in the car with her sister afterwards. She also told a reporter that Prince William was “a little bit” handsome. (Source)

Later on, Will and Kate put on their stampede suits, with the new white cowboy hats, and were taken by stage coach to the rodeo. I LOVE this Temperley blouse. My ma has an old yellow one very similar to it only cut really ugly and now I won’t hear the end of how her clothes are the classics that were meant to be worn by royalty. F-ck.

Anyway, um, Will looks SO hot in a cowboy hat. Especially now that nature is doing its thing on top of his head. He also has the most beautiful profile. And a really great physique for clothes. Diana gave both her boys the ability to wear pants so well.

Again the two were affectionate with each other, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, and it was a cute moment too when Will made like he wanted to try out the bucking bronco style and she called him down from it – “William!” – before wagging her finger at him when he looked like he wanted to sneak it in. Not in a nagging way but like a “come on, I’m the responsible one here, don’t be like Harry” way that was more jokes than anything else. He came right back and put his arm around her and through it all there was a lot of whispering and inside joking.

They say they have fallen in love with Canada and have promised to come back. I believe this. I don’t buy that this was totally, 100%, a blow job without real enjoyment. I truly think they were moved by the experience. And, with one event left to go before they leave for America, they’re saying the Queen is very, very happy with how they represented which...does the Queen’s happiness ever result in a new tiara? I often wonder how it manifests itself.

Photos from PUNKD Images and Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/