Prince William and Catherine are currently in Mustique, on holiday with the Middletons, including Pippa, before he heads off to the Falkland Islands for work on an extended trip. Much has been made of how Kate will handle their separation, as much of the British media reports she’ll be lost without him, despondent and lonely, and that Camilla has reached out to spend time with her so she’s not sitting around the castle, all sad and sh-t.

Since when?

This girl is in it for the entire game. You think she cares about a couple of months apart when she’s been preparing, for years, literally, for a lifetime of Royalty? Stop this. Kate will be FINE. But you will see her a lot with the new puppy. Because, as we’ve seen, Kate is also very astute about her image. Staying back at home, missing her man, killing time on long walks with the dog... we are all going to eat that up.

By the way, I tried wakeboarding for the first time this past summer. SO fun. And way easier than waterskiing.