Big George Cambridge, aka the Bruiser, had quite the day yesterday at the community playdate. After punching one child in the face and then taking another’s toy, he must have been exhausted. So his parents left him with the nanny today in Wellington as they attended two events. The first was a visit to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre where Prince William climbed into a plane and both had their pictures taken by director Peter Jackson. Katy Cambridge wore an exquisite light blue Alexander McQueen coat. It’s magnificent. Look at the design detail. And the gorgeous panelling at the back. She’ll be taking it out again and again and again for years. Because this deserves recycling, no doubt.

In the evening there was a state reception at Government House where a new portrait of Her Majesty the Queen was unveiled. On this occasion Princess Catherine showed up in a bespoke Jenny Packham with a silver fern on one shoulder to pay tribute to the host country. Fine. It’s all fine.


I never thought I’d be the one to say this because I’m never about the baby but now that we know that that chunk is such a brat, perhaps more Uncle Harry than boring Dad Will, it’s not all that interesting anymore when he’s not around being a brute and a thief. Why couldn’t anyone have gotten any video of him smacking that kid in the face?