The Cambridges were in Scotland today. On the schedule: touring a distillery and a village fete.

In other words: PARTY TIME.

Well, as much as these two can party. Those aren’t exactly party clothes. Sh-t, if they’re expected to hit up a distillery and a “village fete”, can’t the wardrobe requirement be relaxed, a little?

Speaking of wardrobe…

There was a situation earlier this week when a German publication acquired some upskirt-in-the-wind shots of Kate’s bare ass from when they were on tour in Australia. A lot of pearl clutching over a body part. A lot of criticism about not wearing underwear and going to the necessary precautions to secure her clothing and because she doesn’t do that it must be because she wants us to see her crack because she has a banging body and that makes her an exhibitionist. Really?

“Flesh-baring exhibitionist” is not exactly how I would describe Katy Cambridge. “Hard worker” and “fun to hang out with at a party” are also not phrases that would ever come up in reference to her. Oh and “she has really great style” too.