Seems a good way to introduce the Best of 2011 feature. After all, it was the year Kate Middleton became a proper princess. When we all went Royal Wedding crazy. And they started selling out fascinators at the Walmart.

There were SO many highlights from the event. And I just might decide to break them down in bests one by one. But for starters, how about what looked to be the most candid moment from an otherwise very controlled Catherine - after the second kiss, when she giggles...

Cute, right?

Or was Grace Van Cutsem cuter? While the rest of us were watching the kiss, Grace was already over it.

PS. Please note that while there were more bests for Kate in 2011 than worsts, it’s only fair to include one, just one, that represents the other side. That’s coming later. If you’re the sort who refuses to hear anything sh-tty about her - and you know who you are because I hear from you a lot - you need to skip that article.