I love the internet. Thank you, internet, for letting me stream what just happened.

Yesterday, I praised Catherine Cambridge for how well she has delivered, time and again. Today, together, the future King and Queen executed a flawless baby game. God, this is impressive.

Here they are, in coordinating baby boy blue, presenting their first son to the world for the first time. Kate carried him out. Then she transferred him to his father. And then both of them approached the press for a few questions. Will joked that he’s happy the child looks more like Kate than him. And when asked about changing nappies, Kate revealed that Will has already done it. As for the name…not yet. But it doesn’t matter. There are so many other details to obsess over.

Like her dress. Polka dots. OF COURSE. Just as Diana did 31 years ago. Both a nod to Will’s late mother and for the imagery. That’s the image, non? The most perfect shape. Of nature. Of continuity. Of wholeness. And… her belly… is Still There. On display. Which, as Duana and I shared together, because of course we were texting each other eagerly the whole time, is awesome. Because it doesn’t go away right away, does it? Not even for the model princess.

As for William, it seemed like he could barely contain his delight. These people, they don’t love the press. They endure the press, and they endure it graciously, but they don’t love it. This time? This time he did not mind at all. The euphoria makes it impossible to dread anything, right?

To me though, Prince William putting the baby carrier in the backseat and then driving his family home himself, instead of using a driver, might have been better than the actual reveal. This is how these two are playing it, see? Don’t tell me it wasn’t thought out and through and sideways. The event was MANAGED. It was managed with the precision and elegance of their wedding. It was inclusive, it was graceful, and it was as unaffected as possible. For the people. Well done, Will and Kate. SO well done.

Let me watch this over again 10 more times. I might have more to say.