Prince William and his Catherine took Little G to Bucklebury yesterday after the Queen’s visit. Their residence at Kensington Palace is still being renovated and besides, as a new mother, I imagine Kate would want to be around her own mother, which doesn’t seem unusual, not at all, although it might be unusual considering who she is and how it was done before her.

But then again, as we’ve seen time and again, Will and Kate have made a point of not doing it the way it was done before. Having seen what happened to his own mother when she became Princess of Wales, and the pressure she was under, and the lack of support she had around her in managing those challenges, being both young and isolated but still expected to “perform”, Will made it very clear when he proposed to Kate that appropriate modifications would be made to the expected “protocol” so as to ensure that Kate could well cope with the demands of royal life.

Let her spend her first weeks with her baby in a place where she is most comfortable then. Where she is surrounded by her family, the people she trusts the most. These were allowances that were not available to Diana and, sadly, it took Diana’s suffering to make them realise that arrangements could and should be made to facilitate all of Kate’s transitions. Perhaps this was her final gift to her son. And, even though on the outside, William might get all the credit, it speaks to how subtly assertive Kate might be behind the scenes, especially when it comes to her wellness. After all, Happy Kate, Happy Monarchy.

Power isn’t a word we normally associate with Katy Cambridge. Because she doesn’t need to wear it in public. But this future Queen might actually be more powerful than we ever thought.