Prince William and Princess Catherine have taken some heat lately in the press for being lazy and not participating as much in the royal obligation as their really, really old grandfather Prince Philip. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were more accessible to the media. But since they’ve restricted access and have been rather particular about how often the public gets to share in their lives, certain members of the press have started to complain. Their lives, you’ll note, are funded by British citizens. And, one day, if all goes to plan, these citizens will pledge allegiance to Will, and then Big G after him, when he is crowned King. That’s part of why some people are bitching about the Cambridges doing whatever the f-ck they want. Me, I don’t care that much. Not because I’m particularly interested in defending them but because, goddamn, they’ve become boring… although they tried to change my mind this morning.

Last Thursday Will and Kate went skiing in the French Alps. Nobody knew about the trip until they got back and these shots were released by the photographer invited to travel with them. They’re trying to be playful with the snowball fighting. I feel awkward and it’s the first time we’ve seen Big G since his first day at school and the first time we’ve seen Princess Charlotte this year.

These children are obviously well trained in smiling for the moment. Please note Big G’s expression here though:

I know that grin. That’s a “bargain” grin. That’s a grin that comes with conditions. Sure, dad, I’ll do it. But what’s in it for me?

How about an entire empire, punk!