Well...not really. But he tried.

Prince William and Catherine spent the day in the Northwest Territories yesterday. In the capital, there was a walkabout at Somba K'e Civic Park and they attended a youth parliament session. Then they hopped on a float plane to Blachford Lake where they toured the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning, called a “bush university”, which offers northern aboriginal studies into the curriculum alongside conventional academic approach all on a wilderness campus.

The entire day’s activities included a campfire visit, a canoe ride, and a game of street hockey, Will took three shots on net. He did not score. But I LOVE Kate’s expression in the background when she thinks he comes close. Unfortunately she did not participate. Apparently she said she’d like to, but couldn’t because of her heels. Imagine if she’d kicked them off and gav’er in her stockings?

Click here for a full summary of the Royals in Canada on Tuesday.

There were two outfits modelled on Tuesday. On the more formal occasion, Kate wore a cream coloured Malene Birger which... again...as I’ve already noted several times, it’s the sameness of the sameness of the everything, right? It’s so Same and it’s so Safe.

As for how it was between the two of them – word is they were able to fit in 3 hours of private time yesterday to rest or produce an heir. They did give us, publicly, another cute moment illustrating their closeness though. It was after they put on their Rangers hoodies. Will, very tactile, yet again, helps his wife adjust hers.


Of course! (Thanks Maggie!)

Click here and if you don’t have time, start watching from around 11:15. I am about to say something super lame: he really does love and care about her SO much!

Photos from Chris Jackson/Pool/Gettyimages.com