The Cambridges, William and Catherine, continued their tour of Australia today in Adelaide where they got down with the young people, visiting a skate park and the youth community centre. Part of the day included a DJ lesson and both Will and Kate practised scratching. Here’s the video:

People who aren’t DJs look like idiots when they try to DJ. I know this. Because I had to do it for The Social. And I was a damn fool. Also, if you can’t do it, it instantly ages you. Right? They could be 80 in these photos. While we’re here though, let me drop one of my favourite verses from an old school legend, the one and only Special Ed:

'Cause I'm the man of steel on the wheel that you're steerin'
Or rather playin' on the record that you're hearin'
You might not understand what I'm saying at first
So action love, put it in reverse

I wish they had put it in reverse with at least a pair of headphones. Wouldn’t that be a better photo opportunity? Or is it a germ thing? Maybe a hair thing? That’s an idea for a gift: personalised headphones for the royals. Get one in baby size too, like Apple Martin:

That was my segue to Big G who, once again, decided not to hang out with us today. That’s fine. I can wait. He makes it worth it. It just means that the next time we see him he’ll be kicking his nanny and setting fire to ants.