As noted earlier, there was a lot of Royal-ness to cover this weekend. Prince William and Catherine were present, along with all the other Royals, at Trooping the Colour in celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Will rode during the procession directly behind his gran. He’s on the grey horse, see? While Will participated in the official march, Kate shared a coach with her mother-in-law, Hot Harry, and Prince Andrew.

Later on, Will joined his wife – his wife! – on the balcony. There was a huge uppity ass gathering on this day, including that Princess Michael of Kent – she’s the one in the turban situation. Princess Michael of Kent of course is the one who made headlines a few years ago for declaring that she’s better than black people in New York. Remember? Click here for a refresher. That’s actually a very good article about Princess Michael of Kent. If you have a chance, check it out. Apparently the other Royal People call her “Pushy”. And none of them, with the exception of Eugenie, attended her son’s wedding. Hilarious then that she managed to insert herself beside Kate.

I’m a nerd for this, totally, but I love the way Will’s arm is around Kate as he’s pointing military sh-t out to her and she’s pretending to care. He held an umbrella for them on Sunday at Prince Philip’s birthday service at Windsor Castle too. P Diddy won’t hold his own umbrella, I’m just saying.

After spending time with the Family, Kate then hooked up with her sister Pippa for a wedding. She kept the hat, changed the dress, but it was a total recycle anyway because it turns out she’d already been photographed wearing that particular DVF in 2007 when she went clubbing, also with Pippa (more on her at the end), at Boujis. I’m all over the recycling, and I like that she chooses to do it on occasions that are not about her, and it’s smart too because she’s already been accused of not having a real job – adding shopping to that would only make it worse. But ... I just wish she’d recycle some other clothes, you know?

Because this dress...

First of all, who wears this dress (the black and white one) to a club and also, it’s ugly, I hate it. Prints like this... they belong in an office building is all I’m saying. Or driving an SUV, styled like a wrap shirt, over a pair of Capri pants. As for the blue coat she chose (also recycled from 2009) for grandpa’s birthday, never for me, but I suppose that’s the kind of thing Royal People wear to church. My ma is all over it.

Maybe Kate’s saving all her new, good gear for the Tour? They are expecting about 40 outfits. How many of them will be replays? I think 25%. You?

Now here’s a work question - when torn between two assignments and scheduling conflicts, which would you choose: Harry Potter, the final movie, or Will & Kate in Canada?

As for Pippa...

I’m sure you’ve heard and I’m sure you were expecting it: the UK papers have announced that she’s single. This just weeks after reporting that she and her now ex-boyfriend Alex Loudon were about to confirm their engagement. Oh please. After hanging out with the son of the Duke of Northumberland, of one of the richest families in the kingdom, could there have been any other conclusion?

Pippa is the new star. Single Pippa is infinitely more attractive to everyone – the newspapers, the suitors, the society players, her own friends, the paparazzi, and.... Hot Harry? Pippa has become a new economy. And this is good for gossip, of course. I just wish, I mean, there was no subtlety to this at all, was there? Kate’s game was much more nuanced, at least to me. I couldn’t smell her hunger the way Pippa’s wearing hers. That’s a very delicate balance. Kate managed it very well. She made it taste sweet on the way down. Pippa...

This needs some work.

Photos from and and and Paul Hadfield/ and WPA Pool /Oli Scarff/Dan Kitwood/