Is that all it takes? Asking out loud?

I wrote yesterday about all the speculation that Prince William and Catherine would likely be in a luxury box at Barclays for the Brooklyn Nets game but if they’re there because the NBA is making a big ass donation and they’re publicising whatever it is that they’re publicising, what’s the point of sh-tty photos from a luxury box?

Courtside, baby.

And they were. Courtside. Opposite side from Beyonce and JayZ. But then…this:

Beyonce actually seems kinda… shy, non? Only speaking when spoken to. Responding to Kate’s question, not engaging first.

It was LeBron who supposedly broke protocol during his time with the Cambridges when he posed for photos with them, after playing an entire game, and had his arm around Princess Kate.

British etiquette experts are now weighing in on how that was offside. Oh f-ck off, etiquette experts. Neither one of them seemed to mind. Also, complaining about whether or not LeBron James should be warmly greeting the most privileged couple in the world during a photo opportunity is grossly insensitive, dumbass. 

You know what they talked about? Shoe size. LeBron asked what size Will wore. Will was like, “Half the size of yours”.

Tonight Will and Kate are going to a gala for St Andrews before heading home to Big Prince G.