The Cambridges were in Copenhagen today visiting the UNICEF Emergency Supply Centre to bring attention to the ongoing crisis in the Horn of Africa. Together with Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, the royal couples met with those who are working to distribute emergency food and medical supplies to Eastern Africa. The crisis has affected over 13 million Africans. Click here to learn more about the mission and to help if you can.

I like the idea of all these royals hanging out. In a way, these two couples, they probably understand each other more and can relate to each other more than anyone else... in the world...? All of them are young and vibrant, introducing modernity to (arguably) archaic institutions, and, um, not that this is important in any way, but really, really attractive. Look at the head of hair on Frederik there!

As for Kate, who is always really the focal point of the discussion - she looks impressive in that coat, and what a bold colour choice too. You know when you show up somewhere slightly more dressed up than everyone else and you feel a little awkward? I wonder if she had a few of those pangs today. Like, there’s Mary in a conservative pants and coat situation and then Kate comes along in red and high boots, the guest in a foreign country, and, given that Kate is always by the book, I’m curious as to whether or not she would have chosen something different if she could have started the day all over again. Or is it nothing and I should just shut up?