The Palace finally confirmed on Friday that the Cambridges William and Catherine will visit New York from December 7 – 9. The Prince will also be in DC for a meeting while Kate will tour a child development centre and an inner city youth program. They’ll also attend at a gala at the MET to commemorate the 600th anniversary of St Andrews, their alma mater.


A basketball game. No, not the New York Knicks but the Brooklyn Nets. Because… Beyonce? Well, yes, but no. Not really. Scheduling, most likely. The Nets are at home on December 8. And the Knicks aren’t playing. Officially they’re there to support the launch of the Royal Foundation and the United For Wildlife collaboration with the NBA. For our purposes though, we’ll pretend that Princess Catherine and Queen Beyonce will be sitting next to each other, courtside, to make us happy. I can’t imagine Kate sitting courtside, I can’t do it. I want to see it because I can’t picture it.

As for Big G, right now it’s not known if he’ll be coming along, but seeing as it’s such a quick trip, on such a tight schedule, I wonder if they’ll just end up leaving him at home so as not to disrupt his daily structure. That kid doesn’t seem like he’d do well on jetlag and a sudden change in environments. And we already know he’s temperamental on the best of days. Can you imagine what he’s like when he’s cranky? He’d pull out Beyonce’s hair.